Srimada Bhagavata: the Message Divine HB
by A.D. Bhattacharya
Book Code 9788188643318
Year 2010
Paperback/Hardbound HB
ISBN 10 8188643319
ISBN 13 9788188643318
Pages 200p., 23cm.
Language Sanskrit - English
Subject Hinduism
Outside India Price USD 13 (Price Inclusive of Air Mail Freight)
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Written in Language 'Sanskrit - English'
Publishing Year is '2010'
Book Details

Eighteen thousand verses strong Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana is one of the mostextensive creation of all classics which does not require introduction to the men of wisdom.This mammoth creation of Sage Vedavyasa has lead people to the land of divinity andspiritualism from time immemorial. A peep into this treasure house had astounded even theflagships in the religious orders in the past.

Srimad Bhagavata - The Message Divine is only a drop of nectar from the ocean ofnectar Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana. It is expected that the nectar shall lead the readers tothe land of immortality to experience divine bliss in this life only.

Sri Ramakrishna devotee Arun Deva Bhattacharya (born in 1942 at Allahabad) had alove for spiritualism and music from an early age enabling him to come in contact with theprofoundly wise people frequently. The double (Electrical and Mechanical) Engineer had hisElectrical Engineering qualification from I.I.T. Kharagpur and had slowly gone to theposition of a senior level technocrat in his service carrier. He took to the writing work in hismatured life only.

With the advantage of knowing different languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskritetc.) it was easier for the chartered Engineer to peep into spiritualism and divinity. AdvaitaAshrama was the first publisher which brought out his book Swami Premananda in Hindi.The Bengali books were published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur which included translations Srimad Bhagavata and Ramacaritamanasa and two more books authored by him (viz Bhagavater Monimukto and Bhagavata Ratnåvali). Recently a Delhi publisher has publishedin English The Immortal Tales by the same

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