The Dharmasastra: an Introductory Analysis PB
by Brajakishore Swain
Book Code 9788188643349
Year 2011
Paperback/Hardbound PB
ISBN 10 8188643343
ISBN 13 9788188643349
Pages Reprint of 2004: xviii,556p., bib., ind., 23cm.
Language English
Subject Hinduism
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Written in Language 'English'
Publishing Year is '2011'
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This book contains thirty-one learned articles on different subjects of Dharmasastra to give a meaningful introduction to Dharmasastra literature of India. Although subject matter of Dharmasastra is traditionally arranged in three sections; namely acara, vyavahara and prayascitta relating to custom, behaviour and ethics respectively, articles included in this book have been designed in a very modern way of postulation. That, origin and development of Dharmasastra are the subjects of history of this literature, is placed at the outset. Unlike other topics included in it, modern value of Dharmasastra has been successfully dealt with in it at last. Between these two an introductory analysis is made of subjects like origin of religion, law, rajadharma, ancestor worship, stages of life, inheritance, sacraments, sraddha, adoption, expiation, spiritualism, pilgrimage, etc.





  1. The Dharmasastra: An Introductory Analysis / Brajakishore Swain
  2. The Smartasutras / F. Max MŸller
  3. Manu / C. K. Raja
  4. The Origin of Religion / M. Hiriyanna
  5. Religion and Spirituality / Sri Aurobindo
  6. The Sanatana Dharma / Swami Bharati K. Tirtha
  7. The Samskaras / R. B. Pandey
  8. The Marriage / P. K. Virdi
  9. The Stages of Life / S. Radhakrishnan
  10. The System of the isramas / P. N. Prabhu
  11. Caste / P. S. S. Aiyer
  12. The Life after Death / G. S. Ghurye
  13. The Funeral Rites / P. V. Kane
  14. Ancestor Worship / K. V. Rangaswami Aiyanger
  15. Sacrifice / Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha
  16. Penances and Vows / D. C. Bhattacharya
  17. Sravakacara / Brajakishore Swain
  18. Indian Pilgrim Tradition / J. Chakkanatt
  19. Women and Religion / A. S. Altekar
  20. Hierarchy / J. H. Mees
  21. The Rajadharma / V. P. Verma
  22. Sources of Hindu Law / D. F. Mulla
  23. The Sacred Laws of the Hindus / M. S. Maine
  24. Custom and Law in Ancient India / J. D. M. Derrett
  25. The Family-Economic Institution / Kewal Mutwani
  26. The Administration of Justice / A. L. Basham
  27. The Theory of Adoption / D. S. Shastri
  28. Ethics and Politics in Hindu Culture / K. S. Murti
  29. Influence of Dharmasastra on the Vaisnavism of Orissa / Brajakishore Swain
  30. Interpretation of Dharmasastra / M. Rama Jois
  31. Dharmasastras and the Modern Age / P. T. Raju
  32. Bibliography
  33. Index

Professor (Dr.) Brajakishore Swain (b.1954) teaches Dharamasastra in the Post-Graduate Department of Dharmasastra, Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri for the last twenty-four years. He is credited with twenty-five books and more than sixty research papers in Sanskrit, English, Oriya and Hindi. He is a regular columnist of newspapers in Oriya. At present he is the President, Utkal Sanskrit Research Society, Puri; General Secretary, Praci Cult Research Centre, Tulasipur, Puri; and Director, Centre of Advanced Research in Sanskrit, Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri. He edits Journal of Indology (Sri Jagannath Jyoti), Puri Orientalist and Digdarsini (Quarterly Sanskrit Journal).

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