Isa Upanisad, translated by Gautam Dharmapal PB
by Anirvan
Book Code 9788188643547
Year 2014
Paperback/Hardbound PB
ISBN 10 8188643548
ISBN 13 9788188643547
Pages 156p., 23cm.
Language English
Subject Philosophy
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Written in Language 'English'
Publishing Year is '2014'
Book Details

Isa Upanisad is the only Upanisad directly connected with sukla Yajurveda (It"s last chapter), unlike other Upanisads which are connected with the Brahmana portion of the Vedas. It is as if a clarion call of the Truth that all works lead to and end in knowledge. In only 18 mantras, we have an all comprehensive integral and harmonious vision and philosophy of Life Divine. Transformation of greed and lust tainted with black and evil works into unattached but strong white-pure and good works and its culmination into the Universal consciousness of an all-embracing Aupanisadic Purusa is the central theme of this Upanisad.

The uniqueness of this commentary of Sri Anirvan lies in his wonderful interpretation of the contradictory terms Vidya (knowledge) and Avidya (ignoranceórather the unknowable) and Sambhμuti (Becoming Birth-Creation) and Asambhμuti (Non-Becoming Non-Birth or Vinasa-Destruction). By giving his mystic and yet analytic interpretation, he has boldly brought about a harmony between the two opposite currents of worksóSacrifice and Knowledge and thus established Life-Divine on this Earth on sound footing. In the end, we have a wonderful unity of Works, Knowledge and Devotion (Karma, Jnana and Bhakti) as found later in the Bhagavad Gita.

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