Katha Upanisad PB (4 Vols.)
by Shri Anirvan
Book Code 9788188643608
Year 2016
Paperback/Hardbound PB
Total Vols 4
ISBN 10 8188643602
ISBN 13 9788188643608
Pages 359p., ind., 22cm
Language Bengali - English
Subject Hinduism
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Written in Language 'Bengali - English'
Publishing Year is '2016'
Book Details

This volume is based on the commentary on the Katha Upanisad given by Shri Anirvan during his talks in Calcutta in 1958.

Katha Upanisad holds an important place in Indian philosophy. Though, men know the difference between the preferable good way and the way of pleasures, they generally take to the way of pleasures. In this Upanisad, through the dialogue between Yamaothe god of death and Naciketa, a search has been undertaken to find the way of abstinence (nivrtti) from the way of natural activity (pravrtti). With diligence one can see the great difference between Knowledge and Ignorance, between Virtue (dharma) and Sin (adharma) and one can discover an unknown world where all these differences dissolve, where Truth and Harmony are realized. The real and secret inner truth, the eternal and Universal Dharma is laid in this Supreme Truth. Being pleased with the faith, aspiration and illumined intelligence of Naciketa, Yamaothe deity of Dharma gracefully bestows this Supreme Truth to Naciketa.

The extra-ordinary discussion on Brahman in the Katha-Upanisad is the nerve centre of the spiritual sadhana of India. This discussion about Brahman found in these talks on Katha-Upanisad by Srimat Anirvan will open up new vistas of Truth.


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