Veda Mimamsa, Vol.1 PB
by Anirvan
Book Code 9788188643677
Year 2018
Paperback/Hardbound PB
ISBN 10 818864367X
ISBN 13 9788188643677
Pages 548p., 22cm
Language English
Subject Vedic Studies/Ved
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Written in Language 'English'
Publishing Year is '2018'
Book Details

'Veda Mimamsa, as the name denotes is an investigation into the mystery of the Veda. Delving deep into the nature of Vedic literature, the moorings and reflections contained in it and the various modes of its interpretations down the ages, SriAnirvan in this epoch making book of his through his deep insight, profound understanding, threadbare and lucid analysis has unveiled the real meaning of the mystic language of Veda tearing apart the misconceptions surrounding it. These misconceptions grew, Anirvan reflected, out of the misinterpretations of modern Indologists who unfortunately projected and popularized the notion that Veda was a senseless ritualistic doctrine created by premature primitive minds. Anirvan has made it clear that Veda is primarily the storehouse of spiritual knowledge and that the diverse spiritual and religious thoughts and practices flowing through India over the centuries are in fact drawn from the same sourceóstream of perennial spiritual praxis and wisdom contained in the Veda. Anirvan has looked into the poetical philosophy of Vedic seers and has also shed a new light in the modes of interpretation by explaining that the direct luminous perception (cinmaya pratyaksvada) should be the right approach to proper understanding of the Veda and also of the ethos that created such luminous and voluminous body of literature.

SUMlTA BHATTACHARYA was a working journalist (sub-editor) with a newspaper: The Northern India Patrika, Allahabad. Later was also sub-editor with Sundaramo a journal on art and culture brought out by the North Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad.
Sumita was also a Translator Fellow with the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. Her articles came out in The Times of India, The Pioneer, The Northern India Patrika. Presently she lives in Kolkata.

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